There are no jokes to be made here when it comes to your personal safety. 
We encourage you to always exercise good judgement and never forget the basics of online dating safety:
  •  Always first utilize the communication features available on the dating site you are using as you build a rapport with someone. Get to "know" them in a sense, by exchanging emails, IMs, phone/video chats, before you first meet them.


  • Meet in a public retail environment. Use any kind of food or beverage related business located on the property. NEVER let the person you are meeting with get any food or beverage item for you! Get it yourself or let a server do so.


  • When meeting for the first time or two be sure someone who you trust has all the details of your date and have them expect a call NOT A TEXT at a determined time.
Finally, take some time to educate yourself about personal safety and online dating safety by reading related sites and blogs and professional articles. Stay safe friends!

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