Does my name display to people on my profile page?

No. Only your username is shown on the site. It is your choice to share your name with someone or not.

Do you store my financial information?

No. We use Paypal for all transactions and leave the handling of your financial information to them.

Do I need a Paypal account to use the site?

No. You can pay with most any bank card without an account with them.

Does sexuality matter?

Only to the person you're with. Our site is for everybody.  

Are memberships tiered by available features?

No. All paid memberships are "Premium" and are broken down by time and include all available features and tools. But, if we did the answer would be: "We would love to answer your question. Unfortunately, such an answer requires a "Triple Dog Diamond Gold Membership"  that you didn't buy you cheap skate!"  

Can you ensure that if I'm being used to advertise you that you provide information on safe communicative practices that are important in developing relationships and the respective boundaries of others in regard to romantic efforts?


You tweet #FreakIdeology tweets on your @FreaksatnightC Twitter. What is #FreakIdeology?

Sorry, you don't have the right membership level.

Are there website wide third party advertisements or product offers on your site?

No, but if you really need one you can always check our gift shop.

What if I am not sure I am comfortable providing my actual birthdate for my profile?

We understand. So long as you are actually 18 years of age or older you have our permission to put any birthdate you're comfortable with. Your naughty little secret will be safe with us love.

What if I want to delete my profile?

You can delete your profile yourself anytime you want for free.

I think I might be a little too freaky for your site, is that possible?

You would have to work extra hard to get yourself banned from our site. Your personal freakiness meter is always respected by us. However, just as you can do, individual members can decide to block you from their profile for any reason they please if they so choose.

Are my messages/communications on the site monitored?

Only by the person you send them to. We do not activley monitor or review communications between members.


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